Dry Pond Fishing Derby

Date: Sunday, Aug 5th, 2018
Time: 8:00am – 10:00am
Location: The Pond

This year we are bringing back the Fishing Derby to Fiesta Days. But how? The pond is empty and dry!

Lockwood Valley resident Stan McCuen is donating the steel fish he made and displayed at the pond earlier this year to create a Dry Pond Fishing Derby. We will be using these 50 to 60 metal fish posted on stakes in the ground. To catch a fish cast a line (poles, lines, and weights are supplied) into the basket on the ground below the fish.

Event open to all

Cost: Students (K-12) $2.00 for 3 casts, Adult $10 for 3 casts

Prizes include:

Ice Cream vouchers from Falcon’s Nest

Movie Rental vouchers from Mountain Top Video

Board Games from California Tie Dye

Fiesta Days carnival ride tickets from Mountain Memories Associations

Free week of lessons from Los Padres Kung Fu San Soo

Brownie vouchers from Caveman Cavey’s Pizza

Cheddar Bunnies vouchers from Nature’s Home

Prizes from The Mountain Enterprise

Toys & Games

Blind Fish Auction

Mountain Memories will be auctioning off four of the metal fish in four individual blind auctions (one per fish). The fish will be on display at the Information Booth all weekend until moved to join the school in the pond for the derby. The fish will be returned for display until the blind auction ends at 2:00pm on Sunday, Aug. 5.

Winning bidders will be called and must pay and pick up their fish within 24 hours of the call. If the winner fails to pay for the winning bid within 24 hours, the second place bidder will be given a chance to purchase the item.

These are the fish we are auctioning off. The lots are labeled by the fish count.

Lot #1 : One Fish

Lot #2 : Two Fish

Lot #3 : Three Fish

Lot #4 : Four Fish

Additional photo of other fish can be found here.