1968 – Our First Event

Fiesta Days 1968

Our first event in 1968

Originally called Frazier Mountain Fiesta Daze, the first event was held on July 20th and 21st 1968 in Frazier Park, Cal. with cooperation of Ft Tejon, Lake of the Woods, Lebec and Gorman.

It included things like: Street Dancing, Oldtimers Picnic, Whiskerino Contest, Children’s Fishing Contest, Movie Stars, Donkies, a Parade of Memories, Bar-B-Que, Games, Country Stores, Exhibits, Bake Sale, Booths, Log Sawing Content, plus Prizes, Surprises and Trophies for Winners. Also a (Dress of the Day) Whiskers, Westernwear and/or Spanish Costumes.

It was BIG COUNTRY FUN FOR ALL !!! sponsored by… The Mountain Memories Association

WANTED: Today we ask you if you have photos, memorabilia prizes and/or Trophies please contact us, or email copies to us and we will include them here, along with credit to you.

Photo: Ellen Langsfeld